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Made in Canada!
An adult coloring book straight from the Gloomth
Universe! Now in the perfect size for carrying with you in
your purse or backpack for coloring-on-the-go! :)

Featuring original drawings by Gloomth designer Taeden
Hall, including some of the Gloomth Girl models!

Pages of incredibly detailed linework ready for coloring
with dry or wet media. The interior pages are perfect for
wet or dry media and have blank backs in case you'd like to
remove and hang up any of your work.

Seven pages of coloring as well as activities and puzzles!
Hidden objects, and Gloomth in-jokes you're sure to
recognize. ;)

Full color glossy cover and back featuring hot pink faux fur

Each print run only contains 25 copies, once those are sold
out you'll have to wait til the next batch! Grab one while
you can.

Published by the House of Pomegranates Press.

*Copyright Gloomth/Taeden Hall. Please do not copy/distribute the
contents of this coloring book in any manner.

This coloring book is printed to 5x7" size with a
cardstock full color front and back, black and
white printed interior pages on medium weight
paper stock.
"Gloomth Coloring & Activity Book"
Volume 1 (Print Edition #2)
Gloomth Coloring & Activity Book
$10 each
Purchase- "Gloomth Coloring &
Activity Book Vol. 1"