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Gloomth's Ghost Story Collection

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For as long as humans have told stories we have whispered about ghosts and the strange experiences we have
and cannot logically explain. This thread connects cultures and stretches across time. This collection is
inspired by tales of hauntings told in hushed voices, the mist that collects in graveyards, and dark folklore.

Gloomth's "Ghost Story" collection features coordinating separates and event dresses in shades of grey and
black blended with Victorian and Edwardian influences. Evoking characters from ghostly folklore and
mythology, as well as our own nightmares this collection is a nod to everything that haunts and inspires us.
gothic dress with velvet cross
gothic dress with round collar and built in petticoat
seance gothic prom dress
black mesh blouse with bell sleeves
corset overcoat cotton gloomth