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Gloomth's Plus Size Items

Pieces listed here are available in standard sizes over XXL
We also offer custom sizing on all our designs, even those not listed here, so please don't hesitate to
contact us to order something custom!

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Prices are
listed in USD $.
Made in Canada!
Gloomth's designs can all be custom made to your own measurements, including plus sizes past what the
measurements on our size charts indicate! Simply contact us to arrange a custom order. We truly believe style
and creativity are not limited by measurements and we'd love to help you look amazing!

Questions about sizing or customizing one of our designs?
Email us!
gothic dress with lace cross detail
gothic nun dress
gothic babydoll dress
gothic lolita dress
lolita tuxedo dress
gothic dress with basque waist
gothic doll dress with eyepatch and bunnyears
gothic dress with velvet crosses and lace
gothic pumpkinhead girl with dress