~ Sponsorships & Reviews ~

Gloomth does collaborate with fashion bloggers, youtube gurus, and online personalities! There are
lots of options for this and we like to handle it on a case by case basis. Some options include
reviewing/modelling free clothing, interviews, and blog sponsored giveaways.

Please send us an email telling us about yourself and what you'd like to do! Please include links to your
presence online (ideally with visible follower counts). :)

You can reach us via email anytime!

~ Blog Giveaways ~

Got a great blog or website or community and are seeking a sponsor for it? We do sponsor giveaways
and would love to hear about yours.

Send us an email and tell us about it! Please include links to where you'd be hosting it and any
information on your audience.

**Please note we reserve the right to refuse sponsorship with any persons/sites that have a negative
or hateful message, or simply do not suit our objectives and target audience.**
Sponsorship & Blog Giveaways