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Inspired by the strange dreams brought on by the shift into autumn. The harbinger of change masquerading as a rabbit leading us down a path obscured by fallen leaves...


Model: Vanessa Walsh

Stylist/Photographer: Taeden Hall

Featuring our "Mabel" blouse and "Viola" skirt.

See the complete album on flickr.

A day spent in bed sick. Grey afternoon light filtering through filmy white curtains, the taste of water left to stand on the bedside...


Model: Azura Rose

Stylist/Set/Photographer: Taeden Hall

Wearing our "Nurse" dress and apron.

See the complete album on flickr.

Childhood fears that linger with us into adulthood. The garish and dizzying carnival aesthetic of old circuses and their creepy casts...

Shadow Clown

Model/MUA: Lovely Lord

Photographer: Taeden Hall

Wearing our "Creepy Clowns" dress.

See the complete album on flickr.