"Timely" Doll Face Rosette Clip

"Timely" Doll Face Rosette Clip


New “Wonderful Creepy 2” Collection! Assembled by hand in our studio in Toronto by Gloomth’s designer Taeden. Utilizing vintage/antique doll parts, reclaimed trims and fabrics (both vintage and new), vintage millinery flowers, and more. These wearable art pieces are the perfect accompaniment for our Gloomth dresses or with anything in your wardrobe! Each one is entirely unique and one of a kind.

“Timely” Hair or Clothing Clip

3” wide

-Can be worn as a hair clip or clip it to your lapel or collar! Attached to a light black plastic backing with a securely attached steel alligator clip.

-Features a real antique porcelain clock face scattered with cracks and flaws.

-Decorated with vintage millinery (hat) flowers, tiny mint green pearlescent beads.

-Clock face rests on a tatty pale pink circle cut from the sweater of an old doll.

-Framed in soft chiffon ruffles with blue edging!

One of a kind!

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