St. Gloomth Academy Embroidered Patch

St. Gloomth Academy Embroidered Patch


St. Gloomth Academy- a remote manor school for wayward souls. Victorian misfits, eerie conjurers, ghostly girls, and monstrous beautiful weirdos populate the grounds. Classes include political discourse through outfit coordination, the dressing of wounds, and advanced glitter uses.

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“Spes Quod Mortuus”- Hopeful and Dead.

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We made a very limited number of these beautiful fully embroidered St.Gloomth Academy patches for the original 2011 collection. The designs themselves have long since sold out we still have some remaining patches so we’re selling them so you can add some Gloomth to your favorite uniform jacket, backpack, or wherever.

The patches are black, grey, white, burgundy. We designed them in house and had them made in Toronto. The design features our logo with bat wings, a crown, skull, and a banner with “Spes Quod Mortuus”, the Academy slogan on it.

They can be sewn onto any fabric! They do have a heat activated adhesive on the back, but we’ve found it’s not the strongest glue ever so we recommend sewing them down or pinning the patch down with safety pins.

Crest is 3” tall and 2” wide.

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