"Horrorshow" Vintage Doll Parts Crucifix

"Horrorshow" Vintage Doll Parts Crucifix


New “Wonderful Creepy 2” Collection! Assembled by hand in our studio in Toronto by Gloomth’s designer Taeden. Utilizing vintage/antique doll parts, reclaimed trims and fabrics (both vintage and new), vintage millinery flowers, and more. These wearable art pieces are the perfect accompaniment for our Gloomth dresses or with anything in your wardrobe! Each one is entirely unique and one of a kind.

“Horrorshow” Cross Necklace or Wall Hanging

7” long cross.

-Can be worn as a necklace with the white cotton ties included, or display it on your wall with a single hook or nail through the attached loop.

-Wooden cross base recovered with tattered red gingham fabric with raw, decaying edges.

-Centered with a broken vintage doll face with no eyes!

-Surrounded in black Victorian era mourning trim with black jet bead details.

-Decorated with vintage gold tone and faux pearl jewelry pieces.

One of a kind!

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